Company Profile

Design Stage is a Seattle-based company specializing in interior design, design coaching, and contemporary staging services for local homeowners, realtors, builders, and developers. Whether you are looking to sell your property for a quick and profitable sale, or need interior design assistance to help you live better in your current home, Design Stage can help.

Our approach to interior design is unique. Through strategic sourcing of retail stores, mixed with trade-only resources, Design Stage is able to provide custom interior design solutions for all budget levels.

Design Stage’s contemporary staging inventory of furniture and accessories works well with many different architectural styles. Our inventory and experience will enhance both residential and commercial properties to speak to today’s savvy buyers.

Northwest magazines such as Gray, Seattle, and Luxe all have taken notice of us and graced their pages with our work, designer tips and advice.


Our commitment to creating happy clients drives our design. We carefully listen to our client’s unique design needs and dreams, which in turn allows us to create interiors that reflect their style and personality. Regardless of budget, we believe good design is mandatory. By improving the spaces we inhabit, the quality of our lives is improved. And though we don’t believe in “design rules,” we do have some core beliefs. Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. And the most successful designs are cultivated by layering a combination of aesthetics. Simply put, at Design Stage, we are inspired by creating beautiful spaces that work for our client’s needs.

Who We Are

Martina Clymer   As a professional, Martina has designed both mid-level and high-end residential interiors throughout the greater Seattle area. Martina’s design sensibilities, experience, keen eye, and appreciation of quality, allow her to bring harmony to spaces. She believes the design process requires collaboration and communication between designer and client. As a Kreielsheimer scholarship recipient she received her BFA in Interior & Furniture Design from Cornish College of the Arts. Through a thoughtful mix of furnishings, color, materials, and accessories, she will make your house a home.

Steve Clymer   Steve has been working professionally in design and marketing for the past 15 years. He graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Design and has since developed skills in wood and metalworking for furniture and interior design. His experience and unique skill-set seamlessly blends great design with solid construction knowledge, to create beautiful objects and spaces. With an ability to manage large projects and see the big picture, he also understands that the devil is in the details.

Martina Clymer

Steve Clymer